Why is meditation important?

This post is directed towards our newest members who must feel a bit lost when it comes to meditation. What’s good, what’s bad and what is ok to feel while going into it? Well I will touch upon these as well as the importance of meditating for witchcraft and doing stuff with magick.

Meditation is one of the biggest driving forces of what is to come after it. Just like any ritual you are about to do, you need to prepare your sage, altar, sacred space, circle and herbs. In this sense meditation prepares your mind for what is to come and is crucial if you want the spell to work. If you cannot concentrate there is a big chance you will be shooting empty bullets of energy through the room and not get anywhere. Also you need to respect it, take your time to fall into it, if you’re rushing a meditation you won’t end up focusing which leads me to my do’s don’t s.

– Never meditate if you don’t feel like it (so never do spell working). It really is that important for you to feel in the right place and time and most of all for you to want it. You feel like someone is disturbing your balance, you’re tired or you can’t stop thinking of the exam coming tomorrow (or that cute guy\girl’s eyes) then just leave it. Unlike working out you can’t force meditation to work unless you feel like it. Make sure to choose a space and time when you’re most comfortable( when everyone is asleep, in your bed or during daytime when people are off to work). Always make it count!

– Don’t do the yogi stuff you see on YouTube. Unless you feel like this position is right for you don’t do it. You might prefer simply sitting down or laying down over to crossing your legs under your butt and tangling your arms together in the shape of a dragon heart. While those positions you have seen online allow you to breathe better, count your intakes of air and take them only to your diaphragm then breathe out, they aren’t good for people who have just started out. Take your time, these things will come with practising it. When you are not distracted by pain in any way anymore you can cross your legs in unimaginable ways.

– When we say listen to music, don’t listen to Yonce’s new album. Put something without lyrics on, something comforting if you are one of those people who like to meditate on music. Try Peter Gundry on YouTube or any other orchestral band.

– Candles, herbs and insences are good but not unnecessary. As I have mentioned in previous posts it is not crucial that you have them always while you’re meditating. If you’re out around the ocean or on a hill – don’t bring them. It’s no use. They are ultimately a physical representation for concentration. If you already have it in you, don’t bother.

– Don’t go over to performing rituals if you can’t concentrate while meditating. And that is a big don’t. If you can’t focus your mind, you can’t focus your energy, so use it as a stepstone and practise it for as long as you need.

– How would you know it’s enough? Well, when you catch yourself being able to concentrate to the nothingness in front of you for about a minute without letting thoughts in, you have reached a good basic level of it.

– How do you focus? Imagine everything as a silent movie, even when you start thinking about a picture that popped up in your mind, simply discard it and throw it as far as possible away from you. The second you start doing it without noticing, you are on the right track.

– How long do I need to stay concentrated for? Start small, try to keep your thoughts away by envisioning running water and the sound it makes while splashing or the sun rising for about a minute and build it up from there. Keep in mind that for some of the rituals you have to stay focused for about 30 minutes, so you take it off from there.