Triple astral projections – Testing limits

I have always believed that meditation is one of the basic elements of ritual work and since I am actively using it as a platform to perform some of them on ( not using much physical tools such as crystals, incenses or enchanted products alike) I figured I’d share an astral projection idea I recently tested.

First off – relax

Blank yourself out as much as you can and start counting from 1 on to whichever number you find will set you into the universe ( if I am bold and am preparing for a rather tiring ritual I would try to get to 100) . Now you need to block off any of your own thoughts, as per usual. For me it works just fine by simply invisioning a transparent cup-like veil that surrounds me and burns any thoughts away. As for the thoughts themselves – you can imagine them escaping the back of your head as if someone drilled a hole there. A black mist is leaving you and the veil as it fills up the room but cannot touch you.

Right, now breathe.

Breathe more. Stop breathing! (Just kidding). Focus and invision yourself sitting or lying wherever you are, look at yourself, stare if you have to and focus on a transparent-looking figure that looks exactly like you escaping your body, tied to your hand with a cord. Now look from its eyes and fly around the room. Look at the corners and focus.

Now comes fun.

Escape the place as you fly upwards to the sky. Imagine your house getting smaller and smaller in the distance ( for better envisionment you can use Google maps). Fly up until you are in the sky.

Now think of your Shangri la – of a place where you feel most at home ( forest, at the beach) and sit there, leave the soil bind itself to you – small branches of wood are keeping you at place, bound to the ground, forming a cradle or the sand are touching you warmly, covering you on this little piece of earth floating in the sky. Feel the wind and hear the noises. Breathe in the air.

As for this part, after you feel connected to the first place do the same thing for the second – imagine you escaping from your body, you looking at it and going over to another piece of land. Midst your flights the cord between your projections marks the route in your imagination, so you can see a sign forming.

It is possible that you feel split as you are travelling and leaving more and more from you behind and it can be possibly dangerous if you forget or get zoned out of your mind and do not return the absolute same route around. The return needs to mirror the parh until there.

I find that this not as simple of a meditation really just opens up the senses and fulfills your need for earthliness. It is a great prep for any rather complex ritual work. Well you might have to take a break afterwards and just give yourself some time to recuperate before doing anything else but it definetly is worth it.

I am so so sorry for the long post but I hope you found it interesting for the least, if you don’t want to try it out. Let me know either way and thank you for reading it.

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