Protect yourself meditation


I thought I’d drop a few lines related to protection and how to cover yourself up from all those nasty aura-eaters out there. The problem with being some sorts of empathic is that a lot of energies will be drawn to you, as a matter of fact it probably will not be only because you are hyper-sensitive.

Either way or the other, you need to protect yourself. If you are in public and you feel like you don’t want to communicate with any people around whatsoever, you can just wrap yourself up in a little bubble and wave the energies goodbye.

But how and why is this important?

Empath or not, it is crucial that you know the ways of protection before you jump into anything else, like in a lot of other situations in life. Casting bubbles will not only help with your own energy level drops throughout the day but it will make it easier to block off bad any negative frequencies from people who don’t have much else to give.

You do it by simply envisioning strays of light exiting your chest and forming around you in a little bubble. Now, you don’t have to cast it nor meditate on it but just imagine it being there and protecting you with every step you take. If you think you know the colors of your aura, you can just imagine them hugging you, this is even better.

Keep it up for as much time as possible and then drop it off.

It does great in keeping away annoying people that want to talk you up and it’s a great way to protect yourself if you any frightening situation.