The laughing Buddha Meditation


Sit back, relax and close your eyes. Let your mind run around and acknowledge all that information going through, in and out your brain without focusing on it. Pictures with no sound. Questions with no answer needed. Not now.

Let them roll for a bit.

Now focus on your breathing. Are you using your nose? If yes then where do you feel the air accumulating? Right over your sun split? Let it fill your belly, go for deep breaths with pauses of 3 seconds in between.

Are you using your mouth? Then follow the air to the top of your tummy abd let it go only there, not further. Let it go in and out lightly with 3 second pauses.

After your breathing is in synch and in one with you think of the brightest, happiest memories you have. Think of recent and past ones that made you smile, made you feel warm like there is no other moment you would rather be in. Let the videos roll but in reality do not smile. Do not focus on your body outside but inside. If you feel like laughing then let it jiggle in your body but do not let it go past your throat. Laugh with your body, not with your mouth.

Step into one of those memories. Pause it. Move your arms and legs and look around. Let it go and go into the other one. Feel it.

You can stop whenever you feel like you must. This meditation is great for a start of the day or when you are in a dark place and need a tiny resting one.