Meditation Magick and it’s uses

Have you ever felt like you just need your own piece of space and you just can’t get it because of your ultra-dirty roommate who leaves all their clothes around the place or your family snooping around? Or you’re just searching for a way to better your practise?

Either way, let me tell you why meditation magick is powerful.

1. You don’t need anything to do it.

Whether you’re a student or you just don’t want to invest in all different kinds of goodies, you can just use the power of your mind. The spell requires herbs? Great, you can imagine, feel and smell them while putting them together in your imaginary sacred space. Oh, but you also need to call out the elements and they are supposed to help you? There you can have the biggest fire you’ve ever imagined. Meditation magick is minimalistic in it’s core and simply substitutes your whole altar with an imaginary one. No money spent, no preparation time, no effort.

2. You just ground yourself and meditate

Now, it’s important that you get your senses to help you – you have to be able to smell, see and feel all the obke2cts you will be working with and you need to be able to create your altar in your head without being distracted every five minutes by your cat which is bugging the pickle out of you. Ignore the twitching and diziness and sleepiness during and focus on what you are doing than what is around you.

3. Energy works

Since all you will be doing is putting energy into non-existent objects, you are already on the level of consciousness you need to be in, in order for you to do the spell. Everything you do during the meditation will result in the energy exchange we need for a spell to work.

4. It’s actually safer

It’s much safer than messing up the circle and finally forgetting to close it, since so much can attach itself on you. However during meditation magick you basically don’t need to have any fear of messing something up since you’re not working with physical spaces.

It is generally a great way to get your craft to another level and squeeze out all possibilities. It’s fun and tge only thing you need is space for you to focus.

Meditate away and let me know how it went.