How to feed your deities

Anyone who’s ever worked with a deity would know that more often than not, you have to feed them and offer them gifts. I would argue, however, that a simple token of faith and good fortune would not necessarily have more value than honoring them with energy. Let me tell you why.

1. In my opinion, believing in a deity and praying\working with it already feeds it

See, Gods and Goddesses exist because of the faith humanity has put in them and continue to be who they are by us actively being involved with them. I strongly believe, from there on, that a certain forgotten deity would pretty much be looking like an elderly person with rotting clothes who is malnourished and mistreated and vice versa the more popular ones would be thriving and be able to live more and more every step in the way, as I think that they are not timeless. I believe that they may disappear if not enough people work with them, making them echoes of a past greatness. Think about it, similarly to how you would gift a friend a materialistic gift versus giving them your undivided attention. The latter is much more impactful. Now think about entrusting a deity with your energy – it is much more useful for them than just what this “little human made for me and burried in the ground that I can’t use”.

2. Working with a deity means passing energy to them

Whatever we do, whether we involve them in our rituals or call upon them to aid or protect us, we spend an x amount of energy to do so. From there on, energy is returned back to us when a successful ritual or magick work has taken place, ultimately feeding a part of our lives (money, health, work, relationships). This energy manifests into karma, once upon it enters our daily cycle and changes or rather betters the course of direction of our lives. Hence, when we work with something, we pass energy to it.

3. Meditation and energy-giving is the highest sign of support one can give.

Think about it, if you pass energy to them via meditation, let it draw out the way you draw it into yourself while being in nature but reverse the process, is a much more powerful token than “gifting” them something materialistic like something connected with them.

Please note, those are my thoughts. Let me know if this makes sense to you!

Blessed be.


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